Tickets to Concerts

Season Tickets

Order a 2019-2020 Season Ticket Package to receive...

  • tickets to all 3 concerts

  • a "Bring A Friend" ticket for the November "Fond Affections: Musings on Love" concert

Use the order form in our season brochure (download it here) to purchase your season tickets by mail.


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Individual Concert Tickets

Individual concert tickets are available...

  • at the door, at the time of the concert

  • from singers

  • at Heid Music, 1750 West South Park Ave., Oshkosh

  • at Gardina's Wine Bar & Café, 448 N. Main Street, Oshkosh (at the wine desk)

  • by mail when you send the order form in our season brochure

  • by calling Kelly at 920-312-8290

Ticket Prices
  • in advance: $15

  • at the door: $20

  • students: $5

There is no assigned or reserved seating; all seats are first-come, first served.

(920) 312-8290
P.O. Box 2252, Oshkosh, WI  54903-2252